Biggest EuroMillions Winners

EuroMillions is the biggest lottery game in Europe, and one of the biggest lotteries in the world, so it isn’t surprising that EuroMillions has given players some of the biggest jackpots. But what is the biggest EuroMillions jackpot of all? That sounds like an easy question, but there are in fact several possible answers to it, depending on what is meant by the ‘biggest EuroMillions jackpot’ term. Here then, are a handful of answers that should satisfy most curious players…

Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot in Euros

The current record for the biggest EuroMillions jackpot in euros was established on Tuesday 7th August 2012, and had a value of €190,000,000. This prize pool was the first ever to reach the Jackpot Pool Cap introduced in March 2009 and whilst no winners were found for this draw, the following draw on Friday 10th August 2012 produced one winning ticket for a couple called Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk who took home the jackpot amount.

Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot in Sterling

Whilst most of the nine countries that host the EuroMillions game have the euro as their currency, the UK uses pounds sterling. The variance between sterling and the euro means that the biggest jackpot in euros is not necessarily the same as the biggest jackpot in sterling terms. On 12th July 2011 the lucky ticket holders Colin and Chris Weir from Scotland scooped a jackpot of over £161.65 million.

Biggest Individual EuroMillions Jackpot Winner

The biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won was landed by Chris and Colin Weir from Largs in Scotland. The couple won the jackpot on draw number 397 on 12th July 2011 and went public with their win on 15th July 2011. The couple, both unemployed due to ill health, didn't check their tickets until late on the night of the draw and had to wait until the following day to make a claim for the .€185 million / £161.65 million.

Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Rolldown

EuroMillions rules used to limit the number of consecutive rollovers to 11, and if no player won the jackpot in the 12th draw then the jackpot pool would be ‘rolled down’ and added to the pool for the next prize tier which did have winners. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot that was rolled down in this way was worth €183 million, and was shared by 20 tickets matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star number.

Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Winner in the UK

The biggest EuroMillions jackpot winner in the UK won £161.65 million on Tuesday 12th July 2011 Chris and Colin Weir took this title as well as many others thanks to a Lucky Dip purchase.

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