Changes to EuroMillions in September 2016

September 2016 brought big changes to EuroMillions as the game sought to create more millionaires than ever before. Europe’s biggest lottery introduced new special draws, bigger rolling jackpots, an additional Lucky Star to choose from and much more. These changes came into effect on Tuesday 27th September, and now present players with more opportunities to win life-changing prizes. Here’s what you need to know about the changes:

Bigger Jackpots

To celebrate the new changes to EuroMillions, a special jackpot worth an estimated £100 million (guaranteed €130 million) was offered on Friday 30th September, while regular Superdraws with jackpots of £75 million (guaranteed €100 million) are to be played for at various points throughout the year.

More money is now allocated to the jackpot fund than ever before; this helps jackpots to grow at a faster rate as the top prize rolls over. The changes helped to increase the average value of the jackpot, with top prizes of £50 million or greater now far more common.

The value of the starting jackpot also increased, going from €15 million (approximately £12 million) to €17 million (approximately £14 million). The jackpot cap was untouched, remaining at €190 million (estimated £165 million), but instead of only staying at that limit for one draw before having to be won, the top prize now stays at €190 million for four draws before it is either won or is rolled down and shared among the next-highest prize tier with winning players.

New Prizes and Odds

An additional Lucky Star was added to the ball pool, which means that players must select two Lucky Stars from a possible 12 instead of from 1 to 11 as they did before the changes were brought into play. Players still pick five main numbers from a separate pool of 1 to 50. The odds of winning the jackpot also changed to 1 in 139,838,160, but the overall chances of winning any prize on the game remained at 1 in 13.

New Special EuroMillions Draws

Instead of just one UK Millionaire Maker winner in every draw, there are two prizes of £1 million on offer. In addition, the last Tuesday and Friday of each month are now part of the exciting new Mega Week promotion, in which several UK ticket holders are given the chance to scoop £1 million and a luxurious non-cash prize.

Other participating countries also launched their own special draws as part of the changes to the main EuroMillions game. For example, players in Ireland now have the opportunity to win one of ten guaranteed prizes of €5,000 in every draw, while in Switzerland a player’s five main EuroMillions numbers are entered into a second-chance draw for the opportunity to win up to CHF150,000. Other countries also introduced their own games.

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