Dream Numbers for EuroMillions

Can EuroMillions lottery players really dream of the winning numbers before the draw takes place? For thousands of years, men and women have thought of their dreams as things that contain messages from a realm not usually accessible during a state of waking consciousness. Some cultures consider them to be messages from the spirits. Others say that dreams are by-products of the subconscious mind sorting through memories. And a few individuals say that they have dreamed about a specific set of lottery numbers, only to see those numbers come up in real life.

Since we all spend time sleeping whether or not we believe in being able to predict the future via our dreams, it makes sense to at least learn to pay more attention to what we dream about. After all, it could be that we all have the ability to dream about the EuroMillions winning numbers. We just might need to discover how...

The most important aspect of working with dreams is to teach ourselves to remember them. Regardless of what some people say, we all dream every night of the year. It’s just that some people sleep so heavily that they don’t recall those dreams upon waking. A good way to improve our dream recall is to alter our sleeping pattern. By going to bed one hour earlier and setting our alarm clock to wake us up one hour earlier, we are likely to wake up in the middle of a dreaming state of REM sleep. This makes recalling the content of that dream a lot easier.

Having a pen and pad by the bed is useful, as it allows us to record whatever we remember about our dreams upon awakening. After a few minutes of being awake, most dream content vanishes from our consciousness, so getting as much of it down on paper as we can as soon as we wake up is the best way of avoiding the loss of what could be millionaire-making information.

It takes time to learn to recall dreams and write them down, but after a few weeks of practice you will find that you seem to dream more often, more vividly and more meaningfully. At this stage you can try something called “dream programming” to see if your own dreams have anything to say about your EuroMillions interest.

Dream programming is simple. As you go to sleep each night, tell yourself that you will dream about a certain subject. For example, “Tonight in my dream, I will be given information that will help me win EuroMillions.” Say this over and over as you fall asleep, and eventually you will find that you do indeed dream about something to do with a lottery.

However, be aware that dreams are often symbolic, so you may not necessarily dream of the EuroMillions lottery specifically. Instead you may be see numbers presented as groups of items (39 steps, 3 little pigs, 7 deadly sins). It is up to you to interpret your dreams in order to “decode” the content in a way that you can apply to your life.

Winning the EuroMillions is a long shot, and some would say that the odds of you dreaming about the winning numbers in advance are even longer. But since you have nothing to lose by trying, it may be worth you learning to pay attention to your dreams just in case. After all, you may only need to dream true once to become a EuroMillions millionaire!

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