EuroMillions HotPicks

Offering bigger prizes for matching fewer numbers, EuroMillions HotPicks is available for players in the UK and can be played alongside or as an alternative to the main game.

Tickets are available from The National Lottery and cost £1.50 per game, with draws taking place every Tuesday and Friday.

Note: EuroMillions HotPicks uses the same winning numbers as the five main numbers from the main EuroMillions draw on the same day.

Latest Results

The results from the most recent EuroMillions HotPicks draws are shown below:

Draw Date Results Winner Details
14th December 2018
12 29 38 42 44
Prize breakdown
11th December 2018
4 7 13 23 42
Prize breakdown

How to Play

To play, you must choose whether to play Pick 1, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4 or Pick 5. Depending on which game you select, you will need to pick that set amount of numbers between 1 and 50.

Next, you will need to choose whether you want to play in the Tuesday draw, the Friday draw or both. It is possible to play in advance for up to four weeks.

You must match all the numbers you pick in order to win the prize for that game. For example, if you play Pick 5 and choose your five numbers, you need to match all five. You would not win a prize for matching one, two, three or four of the five numbers chosen.


There are five different prize tiers in EuroMillions HotPicks, ranging from £10 for Pick 1, to £1 million for Pick 5.

Game How You Win Prize Odds
Pick 5 Pick and match five numbers £1 million 1 in 2,118,760
Pick 4 Pick and match four numbers £30,000 1 in 46,060
Pick 3 Pick and match three numbers £1,500 1 in 1,960
Pick 2 Pick and match two numbers £100 1 in 123
Pick 1 Pick and match one number £10 1 in 10

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