EuroMillions Results

Getting the right EuroMillions results can mean the difference between throwing away a losing ticket and making a claim for a fortune worth tens of millions or more than a hundred million euros or pounds. So you should definitely bookmark this page and make sure you check your tickets with each draw that takes place.

The minimum jackpot value for the EuroMillions Lottery is €15 million and this amount climbs weekly towards the maximum €190,000,000 as the jackpot rolls over. That means if you win the whole EuroMillions jackpot yourself by getting the right EuroMillions results you can look forward to a lifetime of financial security and join the growing list of jackpot winners in this pan-European lottery.

The EuroMillions results below show the all-important winning numbers for the past eight draws.

Jackpot: £43,197,448 Rollover
3 25 28 34 50 1 11
Millionaire Maker: YMV937351
Prize Breakdown for this draw
Jackpot: £37,807,029 Rollover
4 10 14 37 46 4 7
Millionaire Maker: XMN947162
Prize Breakdown for this draw
Jackpot: £30,050,324 Rollover
2 5 18 30 43 1 10
Millionaire Maker: WML356365
Prize Breakdown for this draw
Jackpot: £24,682,682 Rollover
12 24 39 42 44 3 11
Millionaire Maker: VMC023147
Prize Breakdown for this draw
Jackpot: £16,073,137 Rollover
13 17 20 30 45 9 10
Millionaire Maker: TLR790082
Prize Breakdown for this draw
Jackpot: £11,154,000 Rollover
10 26 30 39 50 7 8
Millionaire Maker: SLR194985
Prize Breakdown for this draw
Jackpot: £11,370,000
17 31 33 44 50 7 11
Millionaire Maker: QKV906105
Prize Breakdown for this draw
Jackpot: £11,244,000
9 13 15 19 24 3 8
10 Millionaire Maker numbers available for this draw!
Prize Breakdown for this draw

Winning EuroMillions Numbers

If you have won a prize on the EuroMillions Lottery you should make your claim as soon as you can after the EuroMillions results, as all claims have to be entered before the claim deadline, this could result in you missing out on your prize altogether. The deadline for claims in the UK is 180 days from the date of the draw, but this may vary in other participating countries, so the best rule of thumb is to claim immediately. As well as helping you to avoid losing your EuroMillions ticket, claiming fast also allows you to start spending your new-found wealth sooner rather than later.

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