Special EuroMillions Draws

EuroMillions Superdraws are special guaranteed jackpot events that are held from time to time throughout the year. These draws will usually see additional funds added to the existing jackpot to create a higher figure. For example, if the EuroMillions jackpot stands at 20 million and the Superdraw promises a jackpot of 100 million, a further 80 million will be added to the top prize.

These special draws will often create some of the biggest EuroMillions winners thanks to the staggering prize totals on offer.

The different types of special draws are outlined below:


A EuroMillions Superdraw will have a huge guaranteed jackpot. Should the Superdraw jackpot not be won, the prize total can roll over and increase in value until it reaches the jackpot cap of 190 million. The jackpot for a Superdraw has traditionally been set at 100 million, although sometimes it has been a different amount. When a Superdraw was announced to mark the EuroMillions changes in September 2016, for example, the jackpot was increased to 130 million (112.6 million).

Event Draw

An Event Draw is one which will have a guaranteed jackpot of anything from 80 million to 100 million, and often will celebrate a specific event. The main difference between an Event Draw and a Superdraw is that the jackpot will be there for one draw only and will not roll over. This means that if the draw fails to produce a winner, the prize will roll down to the next winning prize tier.

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