Important Notes

EuroMillions is one of the biggest lottery games in the world, with participants in no less than nine countries, namely Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Although the basic rules of obviously the same in all countries (you need to match five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers to win the jackpot no matter where you play) there is some variation of minor rules. For example, EuroMillions players in the United Kingdom have up to 180 days after the draw to make a claim, players in France only have up to 60 days. It is therefore important to make yourself aware of the EuroMillions rules in your own country, rather than simply assuming that they are the same as those in another participating nation.

We advise all EuroMillions players to carry out the following simple checks to ensure they are familiar with the most important rules, and we will illustrate these with the actual rules for UK players:

1 – Check You Can Play
EuroMillions – like any other lottery – is a gambling game, and can therefore be played only by those who are of legal age to do so. In the United Kingdom, players must be aged 16 or over to be able to buy a EuroMillions ticket legally. If an under-age player buys a ticket then any prize won by that ticket may not be paid out.

2 – Check The Error Rules
All EuroMillions players should check their tickets as soon as they have been issued in order to make sure that the correct numbers or draw has been selected. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to do this (especially in a rollover queue!) so the lottery operators usually allow a short period of grace in which you can report an error and get a replacement ticket. In the UK, players must return an erroneous, illegible or incomplete ticket to the lottery terminal it was purchased from within 120 minutes of it being issued, and only then if this is before the ticket deadline has passed.

3 – Check The Claim Rules
The claims procedure for prizes of different levels will vary from nation to nation, so make sure that you understand what you need to do to claim the various prizes on offer. For example, in the UK prizes of less than £500 can be claimed at many normal lottery outlets. Prizes over £500 require the completion of a claims form. And prizes of £50,000 or more need to be claimed in person from a designated national lottery office. Being aware of what you need to do to claim any given tier of prize will enable you to get access to your money without delay.

The idea of checking EuroMillions rules as they pertain to your particular country doesn’t take long to apply, but it could save you lots of time and potential disappointment later on, so make sure you heed these important notes for EuroMillions players!

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