Mega Week

Mega Week is a monthly raffle that takes place in the final week of each month. The promotion, which is played alongside the main EuroMillions game, rewards multiple winners with prizes of £1 million and luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are in keeping with their new status as millionaires.

How to Play Mega Week

No two editions of Mega Week are ever the same, and every UK EuroMillions ticket holder stands a chance of winning. To enter, players must simply purchase a ticket for either (or both) of the EuroMillions draws in the final full week of the month, and they will be provided with a Millionaire Maker code printed on the bottom of their ticket. If the ticket holder matches one of the codes drawn, they will win the prize.

The game adds even more excitement to EuroMillions draws by promising to create several millionaires and lavish them with a deluxe non-cash prize.

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