Christmas Eve Super Raffle prize to be claimed

On Christmas Eve, the Euro Millions Lottery created more lottery millionaires than had ever been created in one evening in the UK by holding a special Millionaire Raffle. However, now we’re almost in February but despite the Euro Millions creating 25 Euro Millionaires, only 24 have come forward to claim their prize! This means that there is one Christmas Eve Super Raffle prize to be claimed so we're putting out this appeal to find the winner!

Of course the more time that passes, the less likely it always seems that a winner will be found and this may well be the case with this Euro Millions prize, as it’s now six weeks since the special draw. This Millionaire Raffle prize is worth £1 million – a life-changing amount of money – so we’re putting a shout out for the winner in the hope that the owner of this lottery ticket can be united with the £1 million prize.

Of twenty-five prizes, perhaps it was understandable that at least one of these Euro Millions prizes would go astray but it would be nice to find the winner who bought the winning lottery ticket in the Leeds area of the UK. DGW560374 was the Millionaire Raffle number on the ticket so if you buy Euro Millions tickets in this area, it’s time to double check your old lottery tickets now, as you might be holding a £1 million winner!

The Euro Millions draw is of course held this evening, as it is every Friday evening. The jackpot to UK players is worth an estimated £15 million, it’s your last chance to buy lottery tickets if you want to be the next Euro Millionaire. Do be sure to check the Euro results too though!

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