EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 14th July 2015

No one could match all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 15th July, but three ticket holders did receive €303,065 for matching five main balls and one Lucky Star. In addition, a UK player matched the winning Millionaire Maker code WDB637689 to boost their bank account by £1 million.

The winning line was 6, 18, 19, 34 and 36 with Lucky Stars 1 and 8 and other prizes pocketed on the night ranged from £3.20 (€4.10) for matching two main numbers up to £59,195 (€75,766) for matching five main balls. There is a full prize breakdown for the draw at the EuroMillions Results page.

Friday’s EuroMillions draw will now offer a jackpot of £17 million (€24 million), with another £1 million Millionaire Maker prize guaranteed to be won by one ticket sold in the UK. French players will also be able to indulge in their country’s supplementary game, when €1 million is presented to the player that matches the winning My Million code.

With £17 million in the bank after Friday’s draw, you could help out your favourite football team with a few summer transfers, swap the bus for a Bugatti and book out the fanciest of hotels for a private party to celebrate your good fortune. You could let your imagination run wild with that cash injection, so make sure you check the latest results at soon after the draw on Friday night to see if you are a winner.

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