EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 23rd June 2015

The Euromillions jackpot will be up to a very appealing £17 million (€25 million) on Friday night after nobody was able to snare the top prize on Tuesday 23rd June. It was still a great draw for the 1.5 million ticket holders lucky enough to earn cash rewards, including eight players who came tantalisingly close to scooping the jackpot.

The winning numbers were 4, 16, 22, 38 and 49 with Lucky Stars 6 and 9. The jackpot of £10.6 million (€17 million) proved to be elusive, but the eight participants who matched five main numbers plus one Lucky Star each bagged an impressive £92,390 (€118,789). Two of these players were from the UK, as well as four from Spain and two from Belgium.

Another eight ticket holders across the continent each matched five main numbers to become £30,796 (€39,596) richer, while other prizes on the night ranged from £3.20 (€4.10) for matching two main numbers to £3,849 (€4,949) for matching four main numbers plus two Lucky Stars. You can find a full prize breakdown from recent draws in the EuroMillions Results section, as well as last night’s winning Millionaire Maker code.

The UK had the most prize winners of any nation taking part as 368,672 players split £2.1 million. However, it was Spain who came out on top in terms of the most money claimed, as a prize pool of €2.9 million was distributed among 332,335 participants. It carries on a wonderful run of results for Spain, after a ticket holder from the country picked up the €24.8 million (£17.7 million) jackpot last Friday.

Attention will now turn to the next draw, which features the June edition of Mega Friday. There will be ten winning Millionaire Maker codes in the UK and each winner will get to jet off with a guest on an exotic holiday to either Thailand, Bali or the Maldives. For a chance to snap up one of these fabulous prizes or possibly even pocket the jackpot, don’t forget to get hold of a ticket. Good luck!

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