EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 9th June 2015

The EuroMillions jackpot on Friday will be worth a gargantuan £93 million (€129 million) after nobody landed the top prize on Tuesday 9th June. There had been £82.2 million (€110 million) on offer for any player who matched the winning line last night, but it was still a great draw for many ticket holders even though the jackpot proved elusive.

The winning numbers were 5, 9, 17, 32 and 34 with Lucky Stars 6 and 8. Two players, both from France, came tantalisingly close to scooping the top prize as they matched five main numbers plus one Lucky Star to scoop €910,508 each. Another 12 participants across the participating countries matched all five main numbers to pick up £38,713 (€50,583). There were well over 3 million other cash winners, snapping up prizes from £2.90 (€3.80) for matching two main numbers to £2,732 (€3,570) for matching four main numbers and two Lucky Stars. To discover a full prize breakdown plus the winning Millionaire Maker code, check out the EuroMillions Results page.

Players in the UK had a successful night as £4.1 million was split between 832,267 ticket holders, but out of all the countries taking part it was France who came out on top in terms of money won, as €5.5 million was shared among 587,561 participants. In Ireland, one player matched the five main numbers drawn on the supplementary EuroMillions Plus game to scoop the top prize of €500,000.

Tickets sales have been spurred on by the huge jackpots since last Friday’s Superdraw set the top prize at €100 million (£72.8 million), but it is vital to keep those entries close at hand to check if you have struck lucky. It was revealed this week that former soldier Georgie Rhodick threw a ticket worth £1 million in the bin after quickly scanning the main draw numbers and thinking he had won nothing. The tale had a happy ending as his wife salvaged the ticket and found that they had matched the winning code in the Millionaire Maker game.

If you fancy becoming a millionaire, or even a multi-millionaire, then make sure to buy a ticket for the next EuroMillions draw by entering online or visiting an authorised retailer in one of the countries taking part. Best of luck on the night, and keep a close eye on those results!

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