Millionaire Raffle prizes unclaimed

It’s the first anniversary of the Millionaire Raffle – a UK Euro Millions based game where one UK lottery player walks away with £1 million every week – and you can’t have failed to hear the news about the ten Millionaire Raffle prizes being given away next week. Yet it seems that not everyone has grasped the checking of the Millionaire Raffle results, as there are currently three Millionaire Raffle prizes unclaimed, each worth £1 million.

Each week, one lucky UK lottery player wins £1 million, guaranteed on the Euro Millions Lottery but it seems that some are still not checking those Millionaire Raffle numbers. £1 million is a life-changing amount of money so it really is so important to check those raffle numbers against the ones on your Euro Millions Lottery tickets.

Two of the unclaimed Euro Lottery prizes will expire early in the new year, with the third expiring in April so it may be time to dig out those old lottery tickets and check the Millionaire Raffle and Euro Millions results before time runs out.

First up is a Euro Millions ticket bought in Central Bedfordshire for the Euro Millions draw held on 9th July. The Millionaire Raffle number on that date was ZSW270497 so check those old lottery tickets for that number now.

Next up is a Euro Millions ticket sold just a month later, for the 6th August Euro Millions draw, that lottery ticket was sold in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and contains the raffle number FJV384492.

Finally is a Euro Millions Lottery ticket sold in South Lanarkshire, Scotland for the Euro Lottery draw held on 9th October, the raffle number on that night was PXV227093 so check your old lottery tickets for those numbers.

So before you buy lottery tickets for the Euromillions Super Raffle, make sure you’re not already holding onto a £1 million prize! Or even better, play online in future and never miss a lottery win again.


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