Millionaire Super Raffle winners pour in

The excitement around the Christmas Eve Euro Millions Lottery draw was palpable and now the Millionaire Super Raffle winners pour in from all over the UK. In all there were 25 sets of Millionaire Raffle numbers drawn and that means 25 brand new UK Millionaires – not bad when you consider that the National Lottery made 158 brand new millionaires during 2009 too.

The Euro Millions winners really are spread far and wide and are from all walks of life. A group of nurses from Coventry will share one prize between 30 of them, a nice New Year bonus for the group, who will no doubt be seeing the New Year in, in style this evening. A young couple from Liverpool are also reported to have won a prize, a £1 million bank balance will no doubt set them up for a life together.

This is just a couple of winners of the many who have so far come forward, although it’s worth noting that Euro Millions officials say that twelve Millionaire Raffle winners are yet to make themselves known and there are Millionaire Raffle prizes from earlier draws still unclaimed too.

Congratulations to all the Christmas Euro Lottery winners and if you haven’t checked your numbers yet, then do so now. You may be sitting on a £1 million lottery prize and not even know it!

In other Euro Millions news, tonight’s draw takes place at 10pm with a £12 million jackpot on offer. If you haven’t already, then it’s time to buy lottery tickets for the draw.

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