Unclaimed EuroMillions Prizes – Are You a Winner?

When people play the EuroMillions they all want to become winners and when this happens the majority of ticket holders come forward and claim their winnings, however sometimes there becomes prizes that go unclaimed. There are numerous unclaimed EuroMillions prizes that include very large sums of money but weeks after the draw they still remained unclaimed. For some reason there are unclaimed EuroMillions prizes still waiting to collected by the winner, let’s take a look at some of them.

The larger prizes that remained unclaimed in the EuroMillions for this year include:

The biggest unclaimed EuroMillions prize for this year is an impressive £63.8 million which was won on the 8th June by one ticket which was purchased in the Stevenage and Hitchin area. This jackpot winner has had just over three months to come forward to collect their prize but so far has failed to do so. Whether this ticket holder has simply lost their ticket or doesn’t know they have won remains to be seen but they only have until the 5th December 2012 to claim their prize.

If you have any old EuroMillions tickets make sure you check them then check them again because you could have won a prize. Prizes in the EuroMillions stay valid for six months and if they haven’t been claimed in this period then they are added towards the pot that goes to Good Causes – so make sure you dig out those EuroMillions tickets because you could be sat on a fortune!

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