Joker can be played alongside a number of other games in Austria, including EuroMillions. Draws take place every Wednesday and Sunday evening, and you win prizes by matching numbers in the correct order. There are six different ways to win and the jackpot can keep growing until it is won.

How to Play Joker

You must take part in EuroMillions, Lotto, Toto, ToiToiToi, Zahlenlotto or Bingo to be able to enter Joker. It is not possible to play Joker on its own. When you play one of these games, you are automatically entered into Joker. You have to opt out of the game on your playslip if you do not want to participate.

Entries cost €1.50 each, and you can play up to ten times on a single ticket. Each entry consists of six randomly generated numbers between 0 and 9. A winning line of six numbers is then generated every Wednesday and Sunday.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

To win prizes, your numbers must match the winning numbers in the exact order, starting from the back. If you match the last number, you win the lowest prize of €1.80. All the prizes are fixed apart from the jackpot, which is won by anyone who matches all six numbers in order.

The jackpot is shared if there are multiple winners, and rolls over if there are no winners. Just a couple of rollovers can take the top prize past €500,000.

The table below shows how to win prizes, the awards available and the odds of winning:

Numbers Matched in Order Odds of Winning Prize
All six 1 in 1 million Jackpot
The last five 1 in 111,111 €8,800
The last four 1 in 11,111 €880
The last three 1 in 1,111 €88
The last two 1 in 111 €8
The last one 1 in 11 €1.80

Claiming Prizes

If you play online, Joker prizes will be paid directly into your online lottery account or, for prizes larger than €1,000, into your bank account. If you bought your ticket from a retailer, you can claim prizes up to €1,000 from any authorised retailer, but you must go to an official payment centre or the Austria National Lottery headquarters for larger prizes. Visit the page on Claiming Prizes in Austria to learn more.