Belgium Joker+

Joker+ is a daily draw available to lottery players in Belgium, with a guaranteed jackpot of €200,000. You have to match all six numbers in the right order as well as one of 12 Constellation symbols to win the jackpot, and there are a further seven prize tiers available.

Joker+ can be played as an individual game each day of the week. You do not have to take part in a EuroMillions draw to be able to enter.

How to Play Joker+

You can enter Joker+ online or from a licensed retailer for €1.50 per line. Simply pick one of the 12 astrological signs, known as a Constellation. You can choose your own Constellation, or use a Quick Pick to generate a random sign. Six numbers between 0 and 9 will then be automatically generated for you. An example is 3, 4, 1, 7, 2, 6 and Constellation Sagittarius (Boogschutter). Mark how many consecutive draws you would like to enter on your playslip or online.

If the jackpot hasn’t been won by the 21st day of a month, it will increase in value by €200,000 on the 21st of each month until it has been won. There is a jackpot cap set at €2.5 million, and the top prize must be won if the jackpot reaches this amount.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Players can win one of eight Joker+ prizes, starting from a prize of €1.50 for matching just the Constellation. Digits must be matched in the order they are drawn. The following table shows the odds of winning and payouts in each prize tier:

Match Prize Odds of Winning
6 + Constellation Minimum €200,000 1 in 12,000,000
6 €20,000 1 in 1,090,909
5 €2,000 1 in 55,556
4 €200 1 in 5,556
3 €20 1 in 556
2 €5 1 in 56
1 €2 1 in 6
Constellation Only €1.50 1 in 12
Overall Odds of Winning a Prize is 1 in 3.88

Claiming Joker+ Prizes

Joker+ prizes must be claimed within 20 weeks of the draw date, and the way you claim your prize depends on how much you have won and whether you entered from a retailer or online. Visit the How to Claim prizes page for more information.