EuroMillions Results 1st June 2018

The 1116th EuroMillions draw took place on Friday 1st June 2018 at 21:00 CEST and the winning numbers drawn were:

  • 17
  • 18
  • 24
  • 29
  • 40
  • 4
  • 5
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Belgium Prize Breakdown

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerBelgian WinnersPrize Fund AmountTotal Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars
Match 5 and 1 Star
Match 5
Match 4 and 2 Stars
Match 4 and 1 Star
Match 3 and 2 Stars
Match 4
Match 2 and 2 Stars
Match 3 and 1 Star
Match 3
Match 1 and 2 Stars
Match 2 and 1 Star
Match 2

There were 2 jackpot winning tickets in total that matched 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars, 1 ticket was purchased in Portugal and 1 ticket was purchased in Spain.

EuroMillions prizes in Portugal must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date, so tickets purchased for this draw were valid until Thursday 30th August 2018.

Additional Draw Information

Number of entries from all participating countries: 27,454,851

Advertised jackpot in Belgium for this draw: €74,000,000

Machine Name Used: 03

Ball Set Used: 03

Prize Breakdowns for Other Countries

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Belgium Joker+ Results - Friday 1st June 2018

  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 2
  • 0
  • 1
Prize Categories Prize Per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 6 plus Constellation€400,000.000€0.00
Match 6€20,000.000€0.00
Match 5€2,000.002€4,000.00
Match 4€200.0020€4,000.00
Match 3€20.00285€5,700.00
Match 2€5.003,130€15,650.00
Match 1€2.0030,713€61,426.00
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My Bonus Results - Friday 1st June 2018

400 My Bonus Codes of €500:

BKHC78462 BKHF39381 BKHS22788 BKJC66274 BKJX35519 BKKF56553 BKKJ87912 BKKT81620 BKKT87278 BKKV41612 BKLC27718 BKLC70063 BKLC83854 BKLG77795 BKLM08648 BKMF15747 BKMF20767 BKMV82580 BKMX52704 BKND35873 BKNK02465 BKNN44862 BKNN65691 BKNN87327 BKNP00714 BKNR19134 BKNR75192 BKNR85562 BKNS21396 BKNS51056 BKNS74901 BKNT67876 BKNV39689 BKNV51533 BKNV57622 BKNX56993 BKNZ26217 BKPB30606 BKPB56272 BKPB75772 BKPB76074 BKPB90672 BKPC07117 BKPC13478 BKPC14521 BKPC17899 BKPC19288 BKPC25794 BKPC34139 BKPC64159 BKPC67119 BKPC92072 BKPC93743 BKPC96438 BKPD00176 BKPD07212 BKPD17347 BKPD21004 BKPD23949 BKPD25590 BKPD26406 BKPD29992 BKPD31038 BKPD34438 BKPD37578 BKPD38950 BKPD39720 BKPD46949 BKPD49792 BKPD54163 BKPD58525 BKPD60535 BKPD68356 BKPD72075 BKPD73869 BKPD77675 BKPD86164 BKPD88360 BKPD88604 BKPD90769 BKPD97771 BKPF04395 BKPF10409 BKPF23495 BKPF26237 BKPF26430 BKPF30327 BKPF34562 BKPF39212 BKPF48390 BKPF63491 BKPF64697 BKPF72200 BKPF73704 BKPF75188 BKPF75541 BKPF76850 BKPF85174 BKPG10279 BKPG15664 BKPG23186 BKPG28656 BKPG30313 BKPG32574 BKPG35889 BKPG37603 BKPG38401 BKPG43936 BKPG47507 BKPG47719 BKPG51918 BKPG58804 BKPG61185 BKPG61910 BKPG63600 BKPG69378 BKPG71022 BKPG78221 BKPG86777 BKPG87286 BKPH11632 BKPH24613 BKPH30351 BKPH30828 BKPH31713 BKPH31933 BKPH40045 BKPH45378 BKPH58423 BKPH82691 BKPH86046 BKPH89741 BKPJ10747 BKPJ14434 BKPJ16100 BKPJ19969 BKPJ20721 BKPJ53976 BKPJ85006 BKPJ89545 BKPJ90914 BKPJ93004 BKPJ93898 BKPJ94895 BKPK00263 BKPK17191 BKPK18786 BKPK20707 BKPK21057 BKPK21921 BKPK54333 BKPK55656 BKPK56642 BKPK58000 BKPK63815 BKPK66987 BKPK67223 BKPK67321 BKPK78326 BKPK81440 BKPK81926 BKPK83930 BKPK87608 BKPK88427 BKPK89268 BKPK89669 BKPK92689 BKPL07893 BKPL09619 BKPL10624 BKPL13707 BKPL18795 BKPL36643 BKPL49206 BKPL60104 BKPL64813 BKPL68673 BKPL71873 BKPL79141 BKPL79337 BKPL83165 BKPL87715 BKPL90951 BKPL90997 BKPL91429 BKPM10086 BKPM14967 BKPM22420 BKPM25865 BKPM28566 BKPM30777 BKPM32782 BKPM34726 BKPM42230 BKPM46237 BKPM48296 BKPM51079 BKPM54853 BKPM56189 BKPM62949 BKPM63547 BKPM74056 BKPM80451 BKPM82022 BKPM86326 BKPM86980 BKPM90602 BKPM91621 BKPM99116 BKPN08606 BKPN09418 BKPN09725 BKPN11326 BKPN17186 BKPN20962 BKPN24412 BKPN34638 BKPN37626 BKPN44088 BKPN50735 BKPN53960 BKPN57678 BKPN60614 BKPN60647 BKPN62535 BKPN66269 BKPN75213 BKPN82982 BKPN91160 BKPN92342 BKPN95698 BKPN99911 BKPP10903 BKPP11811 BKPP21108 BKPP23884 BKPP27155 BKPP36099 BKPP39234 BKPP39339 BKPP40732 BKPP46363 BKPP53587 BKPP59105 BKPP62372 BKPP62392 BKPP81657 BKPP88840 BKPQ00774 BKPQ03018 BKPQ05769 BKPQ14250 BKPQ15232 BKPQ20995 BKPQ21947 BKPQ23397 BKPQ34752 BKPQ38203 BKPQ42349 BKPQ47105 BKPQ48885 BKPQ50232 BKPQ51275 BKPQ58695 BKPQ64410 BKPR04578 BKPR07406 BKPR15402 BKPR20440 BKPR34264 BKPR37720 BKPR46505 BKPR51832 BKPR59553 BKPR78856 BKPR81666 BKPR82635 BKPR84312 BKPR86734 BKPR92328 BKPR92342 BKPS10979 BKPS25427 BKPS39732 BKPS41190 BKPS43753 BKPS51566 BKPS58767 BKPS59137 BKPS74785 BKPS75096 BKPS95272 BKPT12080 BKPT12716 BKPT18694 BKPT25300 BKPT31092 BKPT31180 BKPT33386 BKPT35369 BKPT35601 BKPT42505 BKPT50106 BKPT56893 BKPT59550 BKPT65123 BKPT67906 BKPT75251 BKPT77032 BKPT79671 BKPT81461 BKPT89048 BKPT91166 BKPT93214 BKPT93467 BKPT95575 BKPT99757 BKPV12907 BKPV16731 BKPV28533 BKPV37843 BKPV39655 BKPV42078 BKPV44959 BKPV50017 BKPV63218 BKPV64502 BKPV68284 BKPV73997 BKPV77339 BKPV79027 BKPV83804 BKPV85960 BKPV95808 BKPW03743 BKPW05724 BKPW06617 BKPW11960 BKPW13052 BKPW15075 BKPW24349 BKPW33714 BKPW47940 BKPW52268 BKPW57610 BKPW59992 BKPW65025 BKPW66446 BKPW77424 BKPW84457 BKPW84795 BKPW86896 BKPW96537 BKPW99341 BKPX01578 BKPX08266 BKPX16359 BKPX18284 BKPX24553 BKPX30840 BKPX36460 BKPX42012 BKPX45594 BKPX50377 BKPX52533 BKPX56703 BKPX62493 BKPX62757 BKPX65917 BKPX70242 BKPX81851 BKPX92489 BKPX93350 BKPZ04451 BKPZ16750 BKPZ20253 BKPZ23699 BKPZ27768 BKPZ31058 BKPZ33767 BKPZ38520 BKPZ46927 BKPZ46953 BKPZ47454 BKPZ56985 BKPZ60207 BKPZ61379 BKPZ66350 BKPZ67854 BKPZ69129 BKPZ70260 BKPZ73803 BKPZ76430 BKPZ78908 BKPZ81278 BKPZ81450 BKPZ87003 BKPZ90566 BZZZ87185 BZZZ99499

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