EuroMillions Numbers: 5/04/2019

On this page you can find the winning numbers and a complete prize breakdown for the EuroMillions draw which took place on Friday 5th April 2019. See how many prizes were won in Belgium, as well as across all participating countries, and find the results for any supplementary draws and raffles that took place.

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Belgium Prize Breakdown

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerBelgian WinnersPrize Fund AmountTotal Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars
€72,846,386.420€0.00Rollover! 0
Match 5 and 1 Star
Match 5
Match 4 and 2 Stars
Match 4 and 1 Star
Match 3 and 2 Stars
Match 4
Match 2 and 2 Stars
Match 3 and 1 Star
Match 3
Match 1 and 2 Stars
Match 2 and 1 Star
Match 2

EuroMillions prizes in Portugal must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date, so tickets purchased for this draw were valid until Thursday 4th July 2019.

Number of entries from all participating countries: 28,078,349

Advertised jackpot in Belgium for this draw: €72,000,000

Machine Name Used: 01

Ball Set Used: 09

Prize Breakdowns for Other Countries

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Belgium Joker+ Results - Friday 5th April 2019

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Prize Categories Prize Per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 6 plus Constellation€800,000.000€0.00
Match 6€20,000.000€0.00
Match 5€2,000.005€10,000.00
Match 4€200.0030€6,000.00
Match 3€20.00349€6,980.00
Match 2€5.003,518€17,590.00
Match 1€2.0036,050€72,100.00
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My Bonus Results - Friday 5th April 2019

400 My Bonus Codes of €500:

BPCB34866 BPCL72036 BPCV04560 BPDT44652 BPFC79431 BPFF52192 BPFF62957 BPFH87362 BPFV11253 BPGM79380 BPGN57761 BPGQ39537 BPGT35552 BPHB38580 BPHB95132 BPHH42532 BPHJ52111 BPHM79138 BPHW34964 BPHX06465 BPHX11598 BPHX92989 BPHZ12357 BPHZ82222 BPJB11072 BPJB25510 BPJB80130 BPJB86648 BPJB94702 BPJB98440 BPJC28734 BPJC32971 BPJC86062 BPJD16706 BPJD35923 BPJD47586 BPJD58525 BPJD58852 BPJD80420 BPJF67970 BPJG60195 BPJH55874 BPJJ63667 BPJJ77389 BPJM68530 BPJM95140 BPJN48410 BPJN89254 BPJP58787 BPJP66124 BPJP74015 BPJP76239 BPJP84380 BPJP85281 BPJP89486 BPJP99744 BPJQ03511 BPJQ05975 BPJQ16530 BPJQ21911 BPJQ39082 BPJQ41804 BPJQ59857 BPJQ69907 BPJQ76256 BPJQ76548 BPJQ86626 BPJQ92663 BPJQ93887 BPJR05766 BPJR10956 BPJR19105 BPJR19849 BPJR27142 BPJR46946 BPJR51824 BPJR52630 BPJR53067 BPJR56571 BPJR58663 BPJR59619 BPJR65776 BPJR69656 BPJR79612 BPJR89100 BPJR93156 BPJR93684 BPJR95417 BPJS11654 BPJS15794 BPJS18748 BPJS20303 BPJS31884 BPJS32909 BPJS35084 BPJS36096 BPJS38645 BPJS52477 BPJS52616 BPJS53170 BPJS56937 BPJS57574 BPJS63344 BPJS66416 BPJS71080 BPJS96064 BPJT01270 BPJT02824 BPJT03238 BPJT10316 BPJT15000 BPJT17175 BPJT20681 BPJT26378 BPJT30302 BPJT33546 BPJT36051 BPJT36658 BPJT42414 BPJT49024 BPJT49333 BPJT53812 BPJT56264 BPJT71163 BPJT76076 BPJT88166 BPJT91612 BPJT96240 BPJV01009 BPJV01200 BPJV01787 BPJV02231 BPJV05102 BPJV10685 BPJV13377 BPJV34407 BPJV34496 BPJV40970 BPJV52485 BPJV68758 BPJV73527 BPJV85005 BPJV88031 BPJV98460 BPJW12490 BPJW18852 BPJW18866 BPJW25744 BPJW30138 BPJW30761 BPJW31663 BPJW35482 BPJW36228 BPJW50211 BPJW55686 BPJW92492 BPJW92672 BPJW97318 BPJX01206 BPJX04278 BPJX08010 BPJX12096 BPJX13448 BPJX18265 BPJX22796 BPJX33102 BPJX38145 BPJX45069 BPJX49950 BPJX51665 BPJX53747 BPJX56826 BPJX69588 BPJX73628 BPJX81199 BPJX93794 BPJZ02733 BPJZ02766 BPJZ11661 BPJZ25479 BPJZ33973 BPJZ41476 BPJZ44378 BPJZ47791 BPJZ57512 BPJZ70011 BPJZ77916 BPJZ83124 BPJZ83398 BPJZ88737 BPKB07193 BPKB12166 BPKB15556 BPKB17244 BPKB24743 BPKB26172 BPKB27958 BPKB28734 BPKB37201 BPKB38508 BPKB52058 BPKB55320 BPKB69658 BPKB71381 BPKB75095 BPKB81734 BPKC00714 BPKC07607 BPKC12898 BPKC18280 BPKC20705 BPKC23178 BPKC24355 BPKC30795 BPKC32046 BPKC34043 BPKC38927 BPKC41605 BPKC62420 BPKC68946 BPKC79865 BPKC87576 BPKD12945 BPKD14124 BPKD26739 BPKD30742 BPKD31445 BPKD32201 BPKD32632 BPKD38048 BPKD41455 BPKD44923 BPKD48446 BPKD52434 BPKD58175 BPKD59610 BPKD64998 BPKD94191 BPKD94371 BPKF00367 BPKF05765 BPKF06513 BPKF10708 BPKF23174 BPKF30595 BPKF40263 BPKF65316 BPKF66627 BPKF72326 BPKF75490 BPKF78723 BPKF83853 BPKF88470 BPKF92107 BPKG15817 BPKG33310 BPKG37628 BPKG53448 BPKG64418 BPKG66782 BPKG87884 BPKG96651 BPKG97553 BPKH05839 BPKH25130 BPKH27092 BPKH28425 BPKH41794 BPKH42663 BPKH48727 BPKH50621 BPKH51057 BPKH52476 BPKH60729 BPKH64955 BPKH84237 BPKH93383 BPKH94393 BPKH96934 BPKJ01472 BPKJ02225 BPKJ37354 BPKJ43829 BPKJ49878 BPKJ52563 BPKJ67933 BPKJ78464 BPKJ78513 BPKJ79298 BPKJ83557 BPKJ90942 BPKJ94611 BPKK05067 BPKK07227 BPKK08061 BPKK12042 BPKK15049 BPKK15270 BPKK16699 BPKK35731 BPKK42557 BPKK42670 BPKK43719 BPKK44192 BPKK54610 BPKK71477 BPKK71719 BPKK84447 BPKL01605 BPKL14896 BPKL17355 BPKL41116 BPKL44092 BPKL50428 BPKL51713 BPKL64342 BPKL74534 BPKL78105 BPKL83553 BPKL93055 BPKL96509 BPKM00863 BPKM00964 BPKM11287 BPKM19681 BPKM21759 BPKM21771 BPKM22797 BPKM35773 BPKM44922 BPKM52977 BPKM56924 BPKM58749 BPKM70336 BPKM89530 BPKN00640 BPKN05062 BPKN09911 BPKN10008 BPKN15306 BPKN27225 BPKN33390 BPKN36262 BPKN55707 BPKN58685 BPKN58855 BPKN59055 BPKN60539 BPKN60665 BPKN62330 BPKN63183 BPKN69044 BPKN81040 BPKN93567 BPKN99764 BPKP00825 BPKP03052 BPKP05329 BPKP09427 BPKP14867 BPKP15629 BPKP17666 BPKP23609 BPKP26513 BPKP29782 BPKP30456 BPKP32212 BPKP57098 BPKP71387 BPKP95026 BPKP95104 BPKQ06410 BPKQ09297 BPKQ17984 BPKQ25410 BPKQ33021 BPKQ35351 BPKQ46237 BPKQ58817 BPKQ64498 BPKQ75321 BPKQ88310 BPKR04610 BPKR12313 BPKR44557 BPKR50714 BPKR55685 BPKR56928 BPKR57600 BPKR60198 BPKR65329 BPKR70739 BPKR97187 BPKS07938 BPKS09970 BPKS21414 BPKS21601 BPKS22099 BPKS22501 BPKS32717

45,000 My Bonus Codes of €10:

Use the My Bonus raffle checker to see if your raffle code matched one of the 45,000 raffles drawn.

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