EuroMillions Numbers: 7/06/2019

On this page you can find the winning numbers and a complete prize breakdown for the EuroMillions draw which took place on Friday 7th June 2019. See how many prizes were won in Belgium, as well as across all participating countries, and find the results for any supplementary draws and raffles that took place.

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Belgium Prize Breakdown

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerBelgian WinnersPrize Fund AmountTotal Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars
€130,000,000.000€0.00Rollover! 0
Match 5 and 1 Star
Match 5
Match 4 and 2 Stars
Match 4 and 1 Star
Match 3 and 2 Stars
Match 4
Match 2 and 2 Stars
Match 3 and 1 Star
Match 3
Match 1 and 2 Stars
Match 2 and 1 Star
Match 2

The single winning jackpot ticket matching 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars was purchased in the UK.

EuroMillions prizes in Portugal must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date, so tickets purchased for this draw are valid until Thursday 5th September 2019.

Number of entries from all participating countries: 46,328,889

Advertised jackpot in Belgium for this draw: €130,000,000

Machine Name Used: 03

Ball Set Used: 03

Prize Breakdowns for Other Countries

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Belgium Joker+ Results - Friday 7th June 2019

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Prize Categories Prize Per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 6 plus Constellation€200,000.000€0.00
Match 6€20,000.000€0.00
Match 5€2,000.0011€22,000.00
Match 4€200.0047€9,400.00
Match 3€20.00486€9,720.00
Match 2€5.004,905€24,525.00
Match 1€2.0049,267€98,534.00
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My Bonus Results - Friday 7th June 2019

400 My Bonus Codes of €500:

BPRK08216 BPRK72372 BPTH95450 BPTQ57310 BPVS73197 BPVZ23981 BPVZ44667 BPWK38164 BPWM26416 BPWQ04567 BPWX30378 BPWX43477 BPWZ28478 BPWZ53444 BPXS01339 BPXS29820 BPXS36242 BPXS82266 BPXS92444 BPXT04612 BPXV05125 BPXV20862 BPXV34396 BPXV77228 BPXV88231 BPXW02785 BPXW54252 BPXW67945 BPXX28197 BPXZ14847 BPXZ54569 BPZB52411 BPZC08131 BPZD03229 BPZF75077 BPZF76229 BPZG11204 BPZG19552 BPZG20896 BPZG51798 BPZG63662 BPZG75968 BPZG90749 BPZG99761 BPZH17404 BPZH59330 BPZH61430 BPZH67775 BPZH68335 BPZH73617 BPZH77912 BPZH95857 BPZJ08397 BPZJ12440 BPZJ15317 BPZJ23317 BPZJ24352 BPZJ37978 BPZJ44341 BPZJ53570 BPZJ71798 BPZJ75528 BPZJ82419 BPZJ87865 BPZJ88943 BPZJ96448 BPZK04420 BPZK04480 BPZK07165 BPZK17928 BPZK24062 BPZK28404 BPZK33652 BPZK53640 BPZK53665 BPZK54953 BPZK62347 BPZK64193 BPZK73851 BPZK94964 BPZL01005 BPZL01757 BPZL08276 BPZL13149 BPZL17380 BPZL20074 BPZL27329 BPZL33084 BPZL34575 BPZL43267 BPZL46133 BPZL51527 BPZL60964 BPZM02219 BPZM06294 BPZM29322 BPZM29328 BPZM36904 BPZM37627 BPZM43720 BPZM44654 BPZM81893 BPZM82197 BPZM84641 BPZN01524 BPZN09340 BPZN14785 BPZN46105 BPZN48800 BPZN58208 BPZN72927 BPZN78287 BPZN81822 BPZP07445 BPZP28623 BPZP34362 BPZP38324 BPZP43955 BPZP53074 BPZP54693 BPZP77780 BPZQ13890 BPZQ43920 BPZQ48361 BPZQ56923 BPZQ65589 BPZQ79321 BPZQ88196 BPZR26852 BPZR32712 BPZR34358 BPZR56422 BPZR80749 BPZR93135 BPZR93934 BPZS03838 BPZS05517 BPZS25523 BPZS33129 BPZS35748 BPZS40649 BPZS61645 BPZS61793 BPZS67795 BPZS69317 BPZS78965 BPZS82173 BPZS87237 BPZS89973 BPZS90941 BPZT25061 BPZT38731 BPZT52024 BPZT54678 BPZT57323 BPZT70045 BPZT70748 BPZT73914 BPZT85815 BPZT94378 BPZV05651 BPZV17052 BPZV46907 BPZV47060 BPZV60209 BPZV60295 BPZV61306 BPZV67568 BPZW17598 BPZW24551 BPZW33736 BPZW35316 BPZW35493 BPZW37362 BPZW54233 BPZW74504 BPZW76413 BPZW77296 BPZW78932 BPZW87541 BPZW94308 BPZW95207 BPZX12552 BPZX19888 BPZX21222 BPZX26728 BPZX39796 BPZX47862 BPZX49255 BPZX59205 BPZX62019 BPZX76799 BPZX84364 BPZX86078 BPZX99431 BPZZ03745 BPZZ10261 BPZZ13398 BPZZ26250 BPZZ57373 BPZZ78757 BPZZ95279 BQBB00304 BQBB16647 BQBB18148 BQBB32148 BQBB37628 BQBB46778 BQBB62229 BQBB69904 BQBB71795 BQBB71898 BQBB72258 BQBB73823 BQBB74231 BQBB78750 BQBB79569 BQBB85342 BQBB86012 BQBB93005 BQBB94564 BQBC31273 BQBC41949 BQBC61128 BQBC66713 BQBC67838 BQBC72965 BQBC95257 BQBC96104 BQBD00461 BQBD21100 BQBD29351 BQBD41701 BQBD45980 BQBD68593 BQBD69097 BQBD88575 BQBD97141 BQBF11872 BQBF25762 BQBF27339 BQBF29410 BQBF30157 BQBF31429 BQBF37629 BQBF56690 BQBF59650 BQBF89799 BQBF95978 BQBG02293 BQBG19918 BQBG28851 BQBG42020 BQBG44397 BQBG45765 BQBG59720 BQBG64317 BQBG64953 BQBG77371 BQBG94474 BQBG96797 BQBH03804 BQBH08493 BQBH15693 BQBH42144 BQBH53495 BQBH70859 BQBH73677 BQBH74252 BQBH80814 BQBH83602 BQBH89461 BQBJ02020 BQBJ08062 BQBJ20344 BQBJ21134 BQBJ25199 BQBJ48402 BQBJ94907 BQBK11828 BQBK22062 BQBK60196 BQBK64772 BQBK65324 BQBK80327 BQBL01790 BQBL03097 BQBL20319 BQBL36462 BQBL67049 BQBL78386 BQBL82989 BQBL95014 BQBL96063 BQBM11390 BQBM13049 BQBM13830 BQBM37859 BQBM39126 BQBM48535 BQBM50250 BQBM61763 BQBM68578 BQBM69720 BQBM76296 BQBM96123 BQBN11207 BQBN39203 BQBN72866 BQBP11041 BQBP27457 BQBP54065 BQBP68643 BQBQ03333 BQBQ10715 BQBQ14353 BQBQ40478 BQBQ48724 BQBQ55840 BQBQ58242 BQBQ70839 BQBQ71251 BQBQ77238 BQBQ96362 BQBR15687 BQBR25858 BQBR35511 BQBR42011 BQBR46004 BQBR54466 BQBR54902 BQBR95808 BQBR98840 BQBS10010 BQBS10255 BQBS49455 BQBS50235 BQBS63380 BQBS79339 BQBT32437 BQBT40270 BQBT57700 BQBT59672 BQBT81604 BQBV00108 BQBV00843 BQBV13209 BQBV33592 BQBV46130 BQBV63577 BQBV68676 BQBV72221 BQBW02944 BQBW12014 BQBW19319 BQBW29634 BQBW31942 BQBW53878 BQBW57009 BQBW82462 BQBW82790 BQBX07736 BQBX59289 BQBX62520 BQBX74334 BQBZ17734 BQBZ25506 BQBZ28128 BQBZ28880 BQBZ50628 BQBZ69234 BQBZ85872 BQBZ88355 BQCB02725 BQCB03784 BQCB27683 BQCB28321 BQCB31647 BQCB34033 BQCB37004 BQCB51674 BQCB72551 BQCB76833 BQCB91565 BQCC09832 BQCC12179 BQCC59607 BQCC68196 BQCC85822 BQCD02687 BQCD25049 BQCD35237 BQCD38512 BQCD43230 BQCD49105 BQCD65961 BQCD67883 BZZZ80294 BZZZ80972 BZZZ87569

45,000 My Bonus Codes of €10:

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