EuroMillions Numbers: 8/01/2019

On this page you can find the winning numbers and a complete prize breakdown for the EuroMillions draw which took place on Tuesday 8th January 2019. See how many prizes were won in Belgium, as well as across all participating countries, and find the results for any supplementary draws and raffles that took place.

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Belgium Prize Breakdown

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerBelgian WinnersPrize Fund AmountTotal Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars
€25,825,451.000€0.00Rollover! 0
Match 5 and 1 Star
Match 5
Match 4 and 2 Stars
Match 4 and 1 Star
Match 3 and 2 Stars
Match 4
Match 2 and 2 Stars
Match 3 and 1 Star
Match 3
Match 1 and 2 Stars
Match 2 and 1 Star
Match 2

The single winning jackpot ticket matching 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars was purchased in Ireland.

EuroMillions prizes in Portugal must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date, so tickets purchased for this draw were valid until Monday 8th April 2019.

Number of entries from all participating countries: 18,572,076

Advertised jackpot in Belgium for this draw: €25,000,000

Machine Name Used: 01

Ball Set Used: 09

Prize Breakdowns for Other Countries

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Belgium Joker+ Results - Tuesday 8th January 2019

  • 2
  • 9
  • 9
  • 9
  • 8
  • 9
Prize Categories Prize Per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 6 plus Constellation€600,000.000€0.00
Match 6€20,000.000€0.00
Match 5€2,000.004€8,000.00
Match 4€200.0016€3,200.00
Match 3€20.00233€4,660.00
Match 2€5.002,218€11,090.00
Match 1€2.0022,009€44,018.00
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My Bonus Results - Tuesday 8th January 2019

200 My Bonus Codes of €500:

BMRV80878 BMSD76737 BMST89167 BMTG64796 BMVS04288 BMWL62090 BMXW27974 BMXX42267 BNBC06682 BNBC91917 BNBH17853 BNBH85005 BNCF38821 BNCN58046 BNDC99816 BNDD11941 BNDD24917 BNDD74384 BNDF51070 BNDG17123 BNDH90625 BNDK22867 BNDK50303 BNDN08104 BNDQ19191 BNDS72019 BNDT29292 BNDT96269 BNDW30026 BNDW39237 BNDW41171 BNDW41280 BNDW67154 BNDW71334 BNDW73104 BNDW74181 BNDW81713 BNDW87864 BNDW88393 BNDX04622 BNDX04881 BNDX05533 BNDX14778 BNDX19074 BNDX27969 BNDX29908 BNDX36635 BNDX39175 BNDX44628 BNDX48847 BNDX70654 BNDX74751 BNDX78821 BNDX82582 BNDX91125 BNDX91222 BNDX93101 BNDZ01391 BNDZ12083 BNDZ20431 BNDZ28516 BNDZ36156 BNDZ40918 BNDZ43351 BNDZ45237 BNDZ58791 BNDZ63905 BNDZ66918 BNDZ68867 BNDZ83158 BNDZ85908 BNDZ87618 BNDZ95150 BNFB01315 BNFB15101 BNFB24793 BNFB25539 BNFB30281 BNFB30593 BNFB36488 BNFB47308 BNFB48598 BNFB51098 BNFB51598 BNFB60181 BNFB62928 BNFB66522 BNFB67914 BNFB79467 BNFB95857 BNFB95859 BNFC06360 BNFC06503 BNFC15403 BNFC17547 BNFC21444 BNFC22814 BNFC32510 BNFC36193 BNFC40762 BNFC50549 BNFC65583 BNFC68613 BNFC74495 BNFC76169 BNFC77292 BNFC80320 BNFC84610 BNFC90097 BNFC95578 BNFD01826 BNFD15783 BNFD20463 BNFD38501 BNFD44739 BNFD49602 BNFD50794 BNFD51634 BNFD52210 BNFD55228 BNFD56138 BNFD58423 BNFD83643 BNFD86785 BNFD92937 BNFD97237 BNFD97390 BNFF00730 BNFF04696 BNFF11887 BNFF40945 BNFF50381 BNFF59651 BNFF63077 BNFF64115 BNFF71468 BNFF72326 BNFF76630 BNFF79464 BNFF85544 BNFF91105 BNFG04048 BNFG17236 BNFG17448 BNFG35095 BNFG47536 BNFG48760 BNFG58269 BNFG64315 BNFG69572 BNFG76202 BNFG76233 BNFG78074 BNFG94135 BNFG96719 BNFG98430 BNFH07059 BNFH08333 BNFH25111 BNFH27879 BNFH29025 BNFH35503 BNFH35522 BNFH42147 BNFH42316 BNFH52116 BNFH65506 BNFH73262 BNFH80141 BNFH83904 BNFH97245 BNFJ04699 BNFJ05627 BNFJ31526 BNFJ32471 BNFJ37669 BNFJ59382 BNFJ68634 BNFJ70641 BNFJ71951 BNFJ75240 BNFJ78725 BNFJ81403 BNFJ82780 BNFJ92921 BNFJ93358 BNFK25589 BNFK28007 BNFK29964 BNFK32968 BNFK55656 BNFK63706 BNFK84207 BNFK84441 BNFK95999 BNFK96641 BZZZ83125 BZZZ85563 BZZZ85833 BZZZ87513

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