EuroMillions Numbers: 9/04/2019

On this page you can find the winning numbers and a complete prize breakdown for the EuroMillions draw which took place on Tuesday 9th April 2019. See how many prizes were won in Belgium, as well as across all participating countries, and find the results for any supplementary draws and raffles that took place.

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Belgium Prize Breakdown

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerBelgian WinnersPrize Fund AmountTotal Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars
Match 5 and 1 Star
Match 5
Match 4 and 2 Stars
Match 4 and 1 Star
Match 3 and 2 Stars
Match 4
Match 2 and 2 Stars
Match 3 and 1 Star
Match 3
Match 1 and 2 Stars
Match 2 and 1 Star
Match 2

The single winning jackpot ticket matching 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars was purchased in Portugal.

EuroMillions prizes in Portugal must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date, so tickets purchased for this draw were valid until Monday 8th July 2019.

Number of entries from all participating countries: 21,222,175

Advertised jackpot in Belgium for this draw: €79,000,000

Machine Name Used: 01

Ball Set Used: 09

Prize Breakdowns for Other Countries

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Belgium Joker+ Results - Tuesday 9th April 2019

  • 3
  • 8
  • 1
  • 5
  • 1
  • 4
Prize Categories Prize Per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 6 plus Constellation€800,000.000€0.00
Match 6€20,000.000€0.00
Match 5€2,000.002€4,000.00
Match 4€200.0019€3,800.00
Match 3€20.00261€5,220.00
Match 2€5.002,388€11,940.00
Match 1€2.0024,237€48,474.00
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My Bonus Results - Tuesday 9th April 2019

200 My Bonus Codes of €500:

BPCR29955 BPDH00813 BPDH28615 BPFM72640 BPFW22604 BPGC96833 BPGD58665 BPGP30670 BPHF12190 BPHG05594 BPHX25663 BPHX29514 BPHZ96159 BPJB83897 BPJF70054 BPJP65662 BPJR39800 BPJR50705 BPJS56371 BPJS97040 BPJW82609 BPJW95523 BPJX56337 BPJX94386 BPKB87367 BPKC02478 BPKF21202 BPKG02185 BPKJ28839 BPKM13776 BPKS36862 BPKS37192 BPKS38115 BPKS39266 BPKS41898 BPKS47034 BPKS48070 BPKS51366 BPKS53933 BPKS66906 BPKS69726 BPKS74906 BPKS76862 BPKS84922 BPKS85915 BPKS93317 BPKT11800 BPKT19605 BPKT31009 BPKT43497 BPKT51335 BPKT56911 BPKT56944 BPKT57053 BPKT62937 BPKT86249 BPKT89016 BPKT99572 BPKV12329 BPKV32644 BPKV33457 BPKV38643 BPKV38911 BPKV60717 BPKV62630 BPKV72113 BPKV75608 BPKV88777 BPKV93935 BPKV99310 BPKW00141 BPKW06772 BPKW11122 BPKW12834 BPKW18916 BPKW21946 BPKW25849 BPKW41371 BPKW44990 BPKW48616 BPKW49557 BPKW60366 BPKW81446 BPKW84493 BPKW88437 BPKW97055 BPKX54909 BPKX88464 BPKX96350 BPKZ09085 BPKZ13899 BPKZ19615 BPKZ29075 BPKZ41498 BPKZ52431 BPKZ68065 BPKZ69814 BPKZ75414 BPKZ80137 BPKZ81161 BPKZ85144 BPKZ86387 BPKZ91597 BPLB08364 BPLB14241 BPLB15718 BPLB20951 BPLB39109 BPLB45295 BPLB55774 BPLB58098 BPLB61481 BPLB61543 BPLB75503 BPLB78430 BPLB81844 BPLB99493 BPLC00226 BPLC16971 BPLC29943 BPLC52213 BPLC76144 BPLC83185 BPLC90022 BPLC97800 BPLD09350 BPLD16735 BPLD24202 BPLD25905 BPLD27390 BPLD46708 BPLF25908 BPLF29267 BPLF32665 BPLF38251 BPLF49123 BPLF52512 BPLF61761 BPLF71408 BPLF76561 BPLF77722 BPLF84401 BPLF93955 BPLG02533 BPLG26513 BPLG33089 BPLG45425 BPLG58488 BPLG63010 BPLG64791 BPLG69533 BPLG69611 BPLG71718 BPLG73987 BPLG77695 BPLG79827 BPLG81124 BPLG90811 BPLH03233 BPLH04646 BPLH35201 BPLH38510 BPLH45144 BPLH52459 BPLH53854 BPLH69118 BPLH73739 BPLH76453 BPLH83654 BPLH91758 BPLH95914 BPLJ05020 BPLJ09652 BPLJ10163 BPLJ22955 BPLJ32539 BPLJ40037 BPLJ40829 BPLJ46619 BPLJ76827 BPLJ80737 BPLJ85881 BPLJ91526 BPLJ92560 BPLJ97933 BPLK13098 BPLK26804 BPLK29747 BPLK30458 BPLK32759 BPLK39409 BPLK39881 BPLK53188 BPLK66151 BPLK69652 BPLK88438 BPLK91051 BZZZ74270 BZZZ98431 BZZZ99861

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