EuroMillions Results 21st June 2019

The 1226th EuroMillions draw took place on Friday 21st June 2019 at 21:00 CEST and the winning numbers drawn were:

  • 5
  • 8
  • 9
  • 25
  • 39
  • 3
  • 7
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Belgium Prize Breakdown

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerBelgian WinnersPrize Fund AmountTotal Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars
€36,686,125.000€0.00Rollover! 0
Match 5 and 1 Star
Match 5
Match 4 and 2 Stars
Match 4 and 1 Star
Match 3 and 2 Stars
Match 4
Match 2 and 2 Stars
Match 3 and 1 Star
Match 3
Match 1 and 2 Stars
Match 2 and 1 Star
Match 2

EuroMillions prizes in Portugal must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date, so tickets purchased for this draw are valid until Thursday 19th September 2019.

Additional Draw Information

Number of entries from all participating countries: 23,944,555

Advertised jackpot in Belgium for this draw: €36,000,000

Machine Name Used: 03

Ball Set Used: 03

Prize Breakdowns for Other Countries

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Belgium Joker+ Results - Friday 21st June 2019

  • 7
  • 6
  • 6
  • 0
  • 8
  • 1
Prize Categories Prize Per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 6 plus Constellation€400,000.000€0.00
Match 6€20,000.000€0.00
Match 5€2,000.003€6,000.00
Match 4€200.0026€5,200.00
Match 3€20.00291€5,820.00
Match 2€5.003,079€15,395.00
Match 1€2.0030,194€60,388.00
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My Bonus Results - Friday 21st June 2019

400 My Bonus Codes of €500:

BPVB27717 BPWC13935 BPWK76894 BPWP16298 BPWP57790 BPWW95731 BPWX37018 BPXB04398 BPXS48845 BPXV68328 BPXZ86282 BQCK66100 BQCQ15354 BQCQ43315 BQCW43739 BQDJ58599 BQDL87125 BQDN75853 BQDV16286 BQDZ73736 BQFG20206 BQFG27821 BQFG64489 BQFG92260 BQFG95083 BQFH66693 BQFH86935 BQFJ33465 BQFJ49872 BQFJ73381 BQFK52763 BQFK86990 BQFL00816 BQFL47680 BQFL75129 BQFM06444 BQFM14010 BQFM57690 BQFM64259 BQFM80646 BQFP12494 BQFP65365 BQFP90485 BQFQ36121 BQFQ89805 BQFR36756 BQFS10582 BQFS11564 BQFS12689 BQFS12926 BQFS20905 BQFS29651 BQFS31378 BQFS32153 BQFS37321 BQFS39427 BQFS39535 BQFS40188 BQFS64662 BQFS65496 BQFS71590 BQFS72708 BQFS76988 BQFS78913 BQFS80081 BQFS80534 BQFS85840 BQFT02688 BQFT06912 BQFT14031 BQFT23925 BQFT27704 BQFT30398 BQFT32512 BQFT57656 BQFT58431 BQFT62511 BQFT75901 BQFT82289 BQFT92413 BQFT94524 BQFT95546 BQFV00227 BQFV08840 BQFV09228 BQFV19938 BQFV21345 BQFV35621 BQFV36300 BQFV44568 BQFV51055 BQFV53529 BQFV56369 BQFV61191 BQFV64444 BQFV66946 BQFV73891 BQFV86174 BQFV87015 BQFV87308 BQFW03386 BQFW09363 BQFW16121 BQFW22634 BQFW30386 BQFW38745 BQFW44922 BQFW49342 BQFW53688 BQFW62158 BQFW72498 BQFW77937 BQFW85878 BQFW86532 BQFW90283 BQFW93313 BQFW95530 BQFW98894 BQFX03094 BQFX04834 BQFX13490 BQFX24919 BQFX39289 BQFX41633 BQFX41709 BQFX41938 BQFX51544 BQFX61334 BQFX69527 BQFX69742 BQFX72478 BQFX74529 BQFX76408 BQFX78414 BQFX80551 BQFX82830 BQFX84298 BQFX84321 BQFX88195 BQFX89325 BQFX93246 BQFX98075 BQFX99667 BQFZ05441 BQFZ05569 BQFZ06550 BQFZ11956 BQFZ16740 BQFZ28088 BQFZ39920 BQFZ41700 BQFZ47565 BQFZ48141 BQFZ50021 BQFZ56724 BQFZ57647 BQFZ62811 BQFZ63529 BQFZ63566 BQFZ69012 BQFZ70140 BQFZ73932 BQFZ86047 BQFZ90731 BQFZ94980 BQFZ96480 BQFZ97870 BQGB02053 BQGB04283 BQGB05823 BQGB10612 BQGB20826 BQGB21887 BQGB23481 BQGB45386 BQGB49917 BQGB52708 BQGB76088 BQGB83058 BQGB86996 BQGB99077 BQGB99995 BQGC00260 BQGC10371 BQGC11450 BQGC13318 BQGC21748 BQGC25010 BQGC27335 BQGC32423 BQGC37746 BQGC55100 BQGC58812 BQGC77565 BQGC88323 BQGC93966 BQGD11223 BQGD13375 BQGD16165 BQGD16631 BQGD20472 BQGD25342 BQGD31137 BQGD32379 BQGD33457 BQGD40269 BQGD59365 BQGD60488 BQGD70187 BQGD80961 BQGD83108 BQGD83912 BQGD87327 BQGD87331 BQGD90061 BQGD93331 BQGD93883 BQGD98490 BQGD98980 BQGF00615 BQGF10450 BQGF21223 BQGF27733 BQGF33450 BQGF35353 BQGF35385 BQGF38360 BQGF40753 BQGF44498 BQGF56066 BQGF64817 BQGF78283 BQGF79245 BQGF81236 BQGF95040 BQGF95932 BQGF95965 BQGF96092 BQGF98620 BQGG00219 BQGG01964 BQGG03102 BQGG04576 BQGG24309 BQGG26663 BQGG35395 BQGG37415 BQGG44726 BQGG50535 BQGG54449 BQGG58503 BQGG65008 BQGG71712 BQGG75812 BQGG77208 BQGG82686 BQGG85405 BQGG87372 BQGG93471 BQGH09715 BQGH14039 BQGH20668 BQGH30168 BQGH30576 BQGH38496 BQGH39674 BQGH40614 BQGH42419 BQGH45202 BQGH55015 BQGH58350 BQGH67777 BQGH71303 BQGH77163 BQGH83495 BQGH84100 BQGH95082 BQGH99005 BQGJ18705 BQGJ25119 BQGJ25672 BQGJ25954 BQGJ29102 BQGJ29316 BQGJ31328 BQGJ32288 BQGJ56494 BQGJ56944 BQGJ60192 BQGJ62253 BQGJ65620 BQGJ65791 BQGJ68790 BQGJ81741 BQGJ92417 BQGJ93474 BQGJ94331 BQGJ98089 BQGK11709 BQGK19436 BQGK26448 BQGK26690 BQGK32297 BQGK34340 BQGK45091 BQGK49418 BQGK49872 BQGK50179 BQGK56939 BQGK58298 BQGK60657 BQGK79413 BQGK81318 BQGK90032 BQGK90477 BQGK97888 BQGL03379 BQGL03694 BQGL16556 BQGL18964 BQGL29752 BQGL33227 BQGL36142 BQGL41085 BQGL42538 BQGL43886 BQGL45772 BQGL48184 BQGL48548 BQGL55562 BQGL62473 BQGL68614 BQGL69989 BQGL73074 BQGL76936 BQGL85369 BQGL87009 BQGL88748 BQGL92227 BQGM05763 BQGM07745 BQGM08459 BQGM14920 BQGM17775 BQGM21868 BQGM24063 BQGM24600 BQGM43228 BQGM57353 BQGM57404 BQGM65032 BQGM69420 BQGM74469 BQGM75507 BQGM82175 BQGM85861 BQGM85905 BQGM91657 BQGM96110 BQGM96899 BQGN01598 BQGN09139 BQGN12721 BQGN12940 BQGN18316 BQGN19482 BQGN21657 BQGN22351 BQGN31147 BQGN36816 BQGN37699 BQGN41132 BQGN42615 BQGN48847 BQGN50737 BQGN55759 BQGN61339 BQGN61473 BQGN76189 BQGN81327 BQGN82041 BQGN82750 BQGN83058 BQGN97879 BQGN98160 BQGP14396 BQGP14469 BQGP15122 BQGP21695 BQGP44762 BQGP47070 BQGP49994 BQGP68097 BQGP69291 BQGP84451 BZZZ75814 BZZZ81506 BZZZ81519 BZZZ99236 BZZZ99970

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