How to Play EuroMillions

Whether you play EuroMillions in store or online, the format of the game remains the same:

Additional Games

The Super Star offers a jackpot prize of CHF250,000 in every EuroMillions draw. You can choose to enter into the game for an extra CHF2 when you play EuroMillions, and receive a unique five-character code. The codes consist of two letters and three numbers in the format "A-123-B". If you the Super Star code exactly as it appears, you will instantly become CHF250,000 richer! Learn more on the Super Star page.

You can also play 2 Chance, the "Second Chance" draw where your five main EuroMillions numbers will be entered into a separate draw. You can win up to CHF150,000 million for matching all five numbers.

How to Join an Online Syndicate

Another way to take part online is to join a EuroMillions syndicate. This offers an affordable way to get more entries into a draw as the cost is split between multiple players. Joining is quick and simple: