Super Star

Super Star is a Swiss game in which you can win prizes of up to CHF 250,000. You need to match a five-digit code exactly to land the jackpot, but there are 14 other ways to win. Super Star is drawn at the same time as EuroMillions on Tuesday and Friday nights, but you can play the two games independently.

How to Play Super Star

To enter Super Star, you will need a EuroMillions playslip. Four random codes will be shown on the playslip, containing a letter at the start and the finish, and three numbers in the middle (for example A123B).

You can choose to select one, two, three or four of these codes. Alternatively, you can opt for a Quick Pick and a random code will be generated for you at the point of sale. It costs CHF 2 per code to play Super Star. You do not have to play EuroMillions to enter Super Star.

Ticket sales close at 7:30pm Central European Time, with draws taking place around an hour later. A five-digit code will be selected at random and you win prizes by matching all or part of your code to the winning digits.

Latest Results

The winning Super Star codes for the most recent draws are displayed below. If you have matched all five characters in the order they appear for one of the codes below, you have a winning ticket!

Date Raffle Codes
Friday19th July 2019
Tuesday16th July 2019
Friday12th July 2019
Tuesday9th July 2019
Friday5th July 2019

Prizes and Odds of Winning

The following table shows how to win prizes, and how much of the money raised from ticket sales is allocated to each prize category:

Prize Category Digits Matched In The Correct Order % Allocated to Prize Tier
1 All five CHF 250,000 (16.45% or 21.45%)*
2 First two and last two 3.30%
3 First three and last one, or first one and last three 2.75%
4 First four, or last four 3.85%
5 First two and last one, or first one and last two 3.30%
6 First three, or last three 1.79%
7 First and last 1.24%
8 First two, or last two 3.57%
9 First one, or last one 13.75%

*The prize pool consists of 50 percent of ticket sales, or 55 percent if there if there is less than CHF 3.5 million in the booster fund prior to the draw.

The top prize is fixed at CHF 250,000, and the booster fund is in place to ensure this can be paid out. If there are multiple winners of the top prize, they will each receive CHF 250,000 if there is enough money in the booster fund. If there are no winners of the top prize, the money goes to the booster fund.

Claiming Super Star Prizes

If you play online, Super Star prizes will be paid directly into your lottery account or your bank account. If you buy your ticket from a retailer, you can claim prizes up to CHF 1,000 from any official lottery, while for prizes above this value you must go to the head office of either Swisslos or Loterie Romande. Go to the page on Claiming Prizes in Switzerland for more information.