UK Millionaire Maker

Played alongside EuroMillions, the UK Millionaire Maker guarantees at least one raffle prize of £1 million will be won in every draw. When you purchase a EuroMillions ticket from The National Lottery, you will automatically receive one entry into the raffle draw for every line of numbers you play.

Millionaire Maker numbers are automatically generated and consist of four letters and five numbers. All entries are printed on the bottom half of each EuroMillions ticket and you must exactly match the winning code drawn to the code on your ticket in order to win the £1 million prize.

Latest Results

The winning raffle codes for the most recent draws are displayed below. If you have matched all nine characters in the order shown, you will win £1 million!

Date Millionaire Maker codes
Friday19th July 2019 20 UK Millionaire Maker Numbers Drawn
Tuesday16th July 2019
Friday12th July 2019
Tuesday9th July 2019
Friday5th July 2019

Check Your Codes

To check your UK Millionaire Maker code, visit the EuroMillions Results page, where you can also find out if you won a prize in the main draw.

How it Works

Your odds of winning the £1 million prize change from draw to draw as they are based on the number of EuroMillions tickets sold in the UK for each game. As an estimate, your chances of winning a prize in Tuesday's draw are approximately 1 in 3.57 million, while Friday's draw sees these odds increase to around 1 in 5.08 million.

If you have matched the nine-digit code exactly as it appears on the results page, you will need to claim your prize by contacting The National Lottery within 180 days of the draw. Once this deadline has passed, the prize will expire and will be transferred to the Good Causes Fund.

History of the Game

There have been a number of changes to Millionaire Maker over the years, from the name of the game to the number of millionaires created each week. Find out more below.

November 2009

Originally known as 'Millionaire Raffle', Millionaire Maker was first played on Friday 13th November 2009 and created at least two UK millionaires every week.

September 2016

Changes to the game in September 2016 saw the number of guaranteed £1 million prize winners in each draw increase from one to two, which meant that four brand-new millionaires were created every week in the UK thanks to EuroMillions.

January 2019

In January 2019, further changes were made to the additional raffle game, reducing the number of winning codes in a standard draw from two to one. This means that the National Lottery will be able to hold more special event draws throughout the year, creating multiple millionaires in one night.

Occasionally, Millionaire Maker draws are held alongside special European Millionaire Maker draws, which offer players from across all participating countries the chance to win a prize of £1 million.