EuroMillions Plus

EuroMillions Plus is a game which can be played in addition to EuroMillions in Ireland. Your EuroMillions numbers will be entered into a separate draw and you can win prizes of up to €500,000.

How to Play

To play EuroMillions Plus, you just have to mark the Plus option on your EuroMillions playslip or select Plus when you take part in the main game online. It costs an extra €1 per line and you cannot enter EuroMillions Plus without playing EuroMillions.

The five main numbers you selected in the EuroMillions draw (excluding the Lucky Stars) will then be entered into the EuroMillions Plus draw on the same night. When the draw takes place, a set of five numbers between 1 and 50 will be randomly selected.

Odds and Prizes

You win a prize if at least three of the numbers you selected match the winning numbers. If you match all five, you win €500,000.

Unlike the main EuroMillions game, the prizes in EuroMillions Plus are all fixed amounts, so you are guaranteed to win the stated amount regardless of how many other players are in the same category. The top prize also stays the same for every draw and does not roll over if there are no winners.

The following table shows the prizes you can win and the odds of winning in each tier.

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize
5 1 in 2,118,760 €500,000*
4 1 in 9,417 €2,000
3 1 in 214 €20

*Prizes will only be adjusted down in the unlikely event that the total value of prizes exceeds €3 million in a single draw.

EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus are separate games and the winning numbers will be different for each draw, but it is possible to win prizes on both games on the same night.

How to Claim Prizes

If you win a prize, the method for claiming your money depends on how much you have won and whether you played online or in-store. Go to the page on Claiming Prizes in Ireland for more information.