Ireland Only Raffle

Played alongside EuroMillions, the Ireland Only Raffle guarantees at least ten raffle prizes of €5,000 will be won in every draw. When you purchase a EuroMillions ticket from The National Lottery in Ireland, you will automatically receive one entry into the raffle draw for every line of numbers you play.

The raffle numbers are automatically generated and consist of four letters and five numbers. All entries are printed on the bottom half of each EuroMillions ticket and you must match (in exact order) one of the winning codes drawn to the code(s) on your ticket in order to win the prize.

Latest Results

The winning raffle codes for the most recent draws are displayed below. If you have matched all nine characters in the order they appear for one of the codes below, you have a winning ticket!

Date Raffle Codes
Friday19th July 2019 10 Irish Raffle Numbers Drawn
Tuesday16th July 2019 10 Irish Raffle Numbers Drawn
Friday12th July 2019 10 Irish Raffle Numbers Drawn
Tuesday9th July 2019 10 Irish Raffle Numbers Drawn
Friday5th July 2019 10 Irish Raffle Numbers Drawn

How it Works

Entry into the Ireland Only Raffle is free, as the cost is included in the €2.50 ticket price.

Each EuroMillions line sold is allocated one raffle code, which are sequentially issued from IBBB00000 to IZZZ99999. This means that if you purchased five entries, you would receive five raffle codes.

The 10 winning codes are drawn at random using an electronic number generator. When promotional draws - such as the EuroMillionaires Raffle - are held, each code on your ticket is entered into all raffle draws that take place on that day. This means that it is entirely possible for the codes on your ticket to win more than one prize in a single draw.

Your odds of winning the €5,000 prize change from draw to draw as they are based on the number of EuroMillions tickets sold in Ireland for each game. As players typically purchase more tickets for a Friday draw than a Tuesday draw, your chances of winning a raffle prize are expected to be better on a Tuesday.