Played alongside EuroMillions in Portugal, the M1lhão draw guarantees at least one raffle prize of €1 million will be won in every Friday draw. When you purchase a EuroMillions ticket from the Portuguese lottery operator, you will automatically receive one entry into the raffle draw for every line of numbers you play.

Draws take place every Friday, however tickets purchased for a Tuesday draw should be kept, as you will still be entered into the raffle draw on the following Friday.

Latest Results

The winning raffle codes for the most recent draws are displayed below. If you have matched all eight characters in the order shown, you will win €1 million!

Date Winning codes
Friday 19th
July 2019
Friday 12th
July 2019
Friday 5th
July 2019
Friday 28th
June 2019
Friday 21st
June 2019

Check Your Codes

To check your M1lhão code, visit the EuroMillions Results page, where you can also find out if you won a prize in the main draw.

How it Works

Every Friday, one raffle code is generated at random from all entries purchased for that draw, including for the Tuesday draw prior. The code is then published alongside the EuroMillions results for that day and the player who has matched the code as it is displayed wins the €1 million prize.

It is not possible to play EuroMillions in Portugal without also playing the supplementary M1lhão raffle game.

M1lhão codes are automatically generated and consist of three letters and five numbers (e.g ABC 12345). Raffle codes are printed on a separate EuroMillions ticket which is given to you with your main EuroMillions ticket, and you must exactly match the winning code drawn to the code on your ticket in order to win the €1 million prize.

History of the Game

The game was first launched back in September 2016 along with other changes to the main EuroMillions game, which included an increase in the number of Lucky Stars from 11 to 12.

Since the first draw, the Portuguese lottery operator has occasionally held special event draws which have seen multiple winners created on one night. These draws have taken place on the following dates: