European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker is a raffle based draw that takes place in all nine EuroMillions countries, guaranteeing to create a set number of millionaires on a single night. Draws take place on selected occasions throughout the year, with all EuroMillions players who buy a ticket for that night’s draw entered into this exciting supplementary raffle.

Winning Locations

The most recent European Millionaire Maker draw took place on Friday 23rd February 2018, with 25 players becoming millionaires overnight. The number of winners from each country is shown below alongside the winners from previous draws:

Participating Country Winners (23rd Feb 2018) Total Winners
Austria 0 0
Belgium 4 8
France 4 12
Ireland 1 1
Luxembourg 0 3
Portugal 3 5
Spain 7 11
Switzerland 1 2
UK 5 8
Total: 25 50

How to Play

The raffle works in the same way as the UK Millionaire Maker - a unique raffle code is printed on the bottom of each EuroMillions ticket ahead of the draw, with each code consisting of four letters and five numbers (e.g. ABCD12345). UK players should note that their European Millionaire Maker code is the same as their UK Millionaire Maker code.

The first letter will correspond to the country in which the ticket was purchased:

Participating Country Starting Letter
Austria A, N, O or W
Belgium B
France F
Ireland I
Luxembourg L
Portugal P
Spain E
Switzerland R or S
United Kingdom H, J, M, T, V, X or Z

The winning codes will be chosen at random out of all the entries submitted for the draw, which means that the prizes are guaranteed to be won on the night. The odds of winning a prize in the European Millionaire Maker draw will vary based on how many tickets have been sold for the draw.

Ticket holders are advised to check their tickets carefully after each draw to avoid disappointment, while online players will be automatically notified should their code be selected, with any funds being paid directly into their account.